About The Gmoney Experience

Hi friend! Welcome to The Gmoney Experience, there’s @_justalittlebrit of something here for everyone! The mission of this blog is to be fun, inspiring, purposeful, encouraging and positive. I started this blog as a way to organize my own ‘ Type A ’ thoughts- I have so many different passions that bring me joy and I wanted a place where I could share them all with readers who want to feed their curiosity. I enjoy traveling, indulging in good food, beer and wine in the company of my awesome girl gang. You will find blog posts in categories like Travel, Crafting and Recipes. I use this space to share travel guides and tips and personalized project ideas and tutorials. I also feature a series on wine and my personal favorite, empowering women through my Girl Power Series!

The Gmoney Experience originally got its name based off the fact that this blog is a collection of my experiences… aaand I have a tricky name- I’ve been called a variety of nicknames like Gmoney, Bmoni, even Jumanji. My goal for this blog is to inspire my readers, whether its through learning about a new varietal of wine, inspire creativity with crafting, or inspire someone to be a more positive, kind person and join me on the journey of empowering others. 

This is a space open to new ideas, comments and questions! If you would like to contact me about a partnership or an opportunity to collaborate, feel free to email me at brittani.Giamoni@gmail.com I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities with guest blogging, sponsorships and advertisements! I would love the opportunity to have your product, service or business featured on my blog!

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