Kat the Winemaker

I recently introduced to you my long time friend Katherine DeCrescenzo- Kinzey. She was one of the amazing women who helped me kickstart my Girl Power Series, you can find her article featured here: Girl Power Series: Meet Kat! In the series you learn all about Kat; who she is, what her passions are and a... Continue Reading →

DIY: Cork and Mason Jar Projects

If you've checked out my Instagram @ivinealot , it's no secret that I'm a wine lover. All kinds, I don't discriminate. So, 'what does someone who loves wine as much as myself do with all of those corks' you ask? For the longest time, I wasn't even saving them. In the past, I have saved... Continue Reading →

The Happiest of Hours in ATX

If there’s one thing my girl gang knows- it’s happy hour... and we do it well! We get together religiously (sometimes more than once a week) and trust me, Austin is not in short supply of awesome places to unwind. Vibe is extremely important in choosing the perfect spot, we generally love anything outdoors and... Continue Reading →

Drinking Around the World in 30 Days

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you’ll notice I have a passion for wine- of course drinking it, but also for exploring it! I love finding new varietals, winemaking styles and learning new things. One of the things about wine that intrigues me the most is how different each wine can taste... Continue Reading →

Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

This event is everything I’ve ever wanted to share with my friends! We share an interest for wine and are foodies at heart, what a great idea to get together to combine the two! We intentionally set out to share our individual favorites with the group and serve a course that pairs perfectly with our... Continue Reading →

The Best Wine & Food Pairings

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, politely bringing a bottle of wine to a gathering or pouring a glass to accompany dinner this evening- there’s a wine that pairs perfectly. One thing I love about wine is its potential to make every experience better. As you can tell, I’m most definitely a “wine-o” but I’m... Continue Reading →

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