Kat the Winemaker

I recently introduced to you my long time friend Katherine DeCrescenzo- Kinzey. She was one of the amazing women who helped me kickstart my Girl Power Series, you can find her article featured here: Girl Power Series: Meet Kat! In the series you learn all about Kat; who she is, what her passions are and a... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Leanne!

This edition of my Girl Power Series features my sweet friend, Leanne! I don’t even know how to begin to describe her... to me, she is sunny. She has a smile that is contagious, her eyes light up and you automatically want to smile too. Leanne is such a and kind person. Her kindness is... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Tori

Meet my new friend, Tori! She is such a great addition to our girl gang, its always a fun time when she joins! Tori is a busy woman, you’ll find out about her life throughout the interview-  but Y’all, she is SO SO SO close to finishing school! I seriously cannot wait until June, when... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Josie!

Y’all! I absolutely cannot wait for you to meet my sweet friend Jojo. She is just, ahh, so cute! I seriously cannot think about her and NOT have the biggest smile on my face! Josie is one of the kindest, sweetest and silliest people I know, with such a hardworking and adventurous spirit. She is... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Kat!

I’m so excited to introduce you to my long- time friend, Kat! We have been friends since the fourth grade and I know y’all are just going to LOVE her as much as I do! Kat is such a unique human being, throughout our friendship, she has always been the one you can count on... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Kaitlin!

This blog is something fun I’ve created to share things like my love for wine, recipes for my sweet tooth, crafting with my Cricut and the travel bug I've caught. As much as I love sharing those things, for this to be worth my own time and effort put in; I need to get something... Continue Reading →

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