Thoughtful Gifting

Maybe this is just a Virgo thing, but If you’re like me, you enjoy finding the perfect gift for each individual on your list. Personally, I value the thought behind a gift that I receive more than I value something tangible. Likewise, this is my approach when giving gifts. I don’t like to give anyone... Continue Reading →


Girl Power Series: Meet Leanne!

This edition of my Girl Power Series features my sweet friend, Leanne! I don’t even know how to begin to describe her... to me, she is sunny. She has a smile that is contagious, her eyes light up and you automatically want to smile too. Leanne is such a and kind person. Her kindness is... Continue Reading →

Cricut: Birthday Gift Edition

My love for crafting has turned into an OBSESSION. If you don’t have a Cricut, I highly recommend you get one! At first I thought the endless possibilities were completely overwhelming, but as I keep practicing new techniques- those overwhelming projects have seemed easier to create! The OCD in me LOVES the precision of the... Continue Reading →

DIY Faux Leather Earrings

I recently began to explore the other settings my Cricut Explore Air 2 has to offer. Lately, I have been “DIY-ing” up a storm with the adhesive and heat transfer vinyl projects I’ve completed. When I was gifted my Cricut, it came with a sample pack of faux leather, and to be honest, when I... Continue Reading →

Happy National Pecan Day!

Today, April 14th is probably one of the most hyped days for my fellow Texans. No, this has nothing to do with tomorrow’s Tax deadline, although, I would hope you’ve sorted that out by now... It’s National Pecan Day! Thats (puh-con) not (pee-can) for my fellow Pennsylvanians. To celebrate, I thought I would try out a few... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Tori

Meet my new friend, Tori! She is such a great addition to our girl gang, its always a fun time when she joins! Tori is a busy woman, you’ll find out about her life throughout the interview-  but Y’all, she is SO SO SO close to finishing school! I seriously cannot wait until June, when... Continue Reading →

The Happiest of Hours in ATX

If there’s one thing my girl gang knows- it’s happy hour... and we do it well! We get together religiously (sometimes more than once a week) and trust me, Austin is not in short supply of awesome places to unwind. Vibe is extremely important in choosing the perfect spot, we generally love anything outdoors and... Continue Reading →

Girl Power Series: Meet Josie!

Y’all! I absolutely cannot wait for you to meet my sweet friend Jojo. She is just, ahh, so cute! I seriously cannot think about her and NOT have the biggest smile on my face! Josie is one of the kindest, sweetest and silliest people I know, with such a hardworking and adventurous spirit. She is... Continue Reading →

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