Surviving Summer in ATX

It might not officially be summer according to the calendar, but it sure has arrived in Texas! I can always tell when the summer season hits the city... the sun is hot and so is the 'breeze.'  As the triple digit temperatures approach, I wanted to make sure y'all took advantage of the summer fun... Continue Reading →

17 Instagrammble Murals in ATX

Austin has some of the greatest local artwork on display for everyone to see! Naturally, whenever someone comes to visit we make it a point to stop by the infamous 'i love you so much' mural on South Congress, but truth be told, there are so many great works of art located throughout the city!... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Brooklyn

We recently took a trip to Brooklyn to visit a friend for a long weekend and got to experience New York like locals. I have been to Manhattan countless times throughout the years, since it was a short drive/ bus ride from where I grew up- but I've never ventured beyond the tourist attractions. See... Continue Reading →

The Happiest of Hours in ATX

If there’s one thing my girl gang knows- it’s happy hour... and we do it well! We get together religiously (sometimes more than once a week) and trust me, Austin is not in short supply of awesome places to unwind. Vibe is extremely important in choosing the perfect spot, we generally love anything outdoors and... Continue Reading →

Drinking Around the World in 30 Days

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you’ll notice I have a passion for wine- of course drinking it, but also for exploring it! I love finding new varietals, winemaking styles and learning new things. One of the things about wine that intrigues me the most is how different each wine can taste... Continue Reading →

2019 Must Read Book List: Part I

I typically like to read non fiction over fiction, biographies and autobiographies are a favorite. If you’re looking for entertainment- Mindy Kaling , Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have some of the best autobiographies around! (For The record- hands down, no competition, my favorite book is and will forever be The Great Gatsby). I prefer... Continue Reading →

California Dreamin’

Jon and I did this “bucket list” thing summer of 2017. We drove up the coast of California in a racecar. We went on a nine day road trip starting in Austin, driving to San Diego, up the infamous Big Sur to Morro Bay, Monterey and Carmel, continuing on to Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico... Continue Reading →

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