Mushroom “Cauliflower” Risotto paired with Broccoli Bone Broth

While we attempt to navigate life in a new city, life in a new home and life in a global pandemic- our days look drastically different than they did six months ago. While one of my favorite things to do is frequent local restaurants, we have had more time on our hands to create unique dishes at home, plus the hassle of COVID regulations has motivated us to stay home more often as well. We went from having date night at home on a monthly basis to date night at home regularly. As someone who would meal prep religiously on Sundays to prepare for the busy week ahead, I’ve found that we have more time on our hands to cook delicious meals at home daily- lets be honest, all we do these days are workout, work from home and work on our home. We love finding (or creating our own) low- carb. substitutes for delicious meals we can enjoy as a date night, while also sticking to our weekly health conscious goals.

Quite possibly the most delicious meal we have ever made is this Mushroom Cauliflower substitute for Risotto and paired it with Broccoli Bone Broth soup. This meal is packed with fresh, healthy ingredients that are not only delicious but also a great source of nutrients, micronutrients and great for gut health (something I’ve been focusing a lot on lately- ugh, I sound so old).

Mushroom Cauliflower Risotto Ingredients:

1 Cauliflower head

1 package of sliced white mushrooms

1 Tbs. Olive Oil

1/2 C. Dry White Wine (Optional)

S & P to taste


The cauliflower portion of this recipe can be a little messy to make from scratch at home, especially when you can find riced cauliflower at any grocery store these days- but we tackled it anyway for the sake of an authentic homemade meal. To create your own cauliflower rice, start by breaking down the head of cauliflower into smaller sections, this makes it easier to work with. A lot of instructions will tell you to use a food processor or blender, but I found that using a cheese grater is less messy and more efficient. Grate the cauliflower head and microwave the pieces for two minutes, squeeze out any retaining water with a dish towel- be careful, it will be HOT!

In a skillet over medium high heat, sauté the olive oil, salt, pepper and diced mushrooms. You can add in the cauliflower rice or sauté them separately in a large skillet- space in the pan will be key for a risotto consistency or else the cauliflower will get mushy. This recipe is so easy, the final step is to add the wine (little by little) stirring all the ingredients together. Overall, this recipe is super quick, ricing the cauliflower will take the longest.

Broccoli Bone Broth Ingredients:

2 C. cooked Broccoli

1 C. Milk (we used a diary free substitute like coconut or almond milk)

2 C. Beef Bone Broth

S & P to taste

2 Tbs. Parmesan cheese (to top)


This recipe is super quick and easy as well, there’s not many ingredients and not a lot of cooking involved. Start by sautéing the broccoli in a pan on the stove. In a pot, begin to warm the bone broth on low to medium heat. Taking the cooked broccoli 1/2 cup at at time, blend the broccoli and milk together in the blender and add the mixture into the pot with the bone broth. Continue to simmer the pot until all ingredients have blended and top with Parmesan cheese once served individually. Option to really pack in the veggies by blending in cooked sweet onion and carrots!

We served this as a three course meal, beginning with the Broccoli Bone Broth soup, Mushroom Cauliflower Risotto along side of Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken.

Did you make this recipe? I’d love to see your creation! Tag me on instagram @_justalittlebrit

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