Homemade Duck Fat Fries ft. Garlic Aioli

If you’ve never made your own hand cut French fries, you’re missing out! Theres nothing better than crispy, salty boardwalk fries from the convenience of your own kitchen. And it’s pretty simple too!!

  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F
  2. Wash and Dry four Idaho potatoes (serves two)
  3. Slice each potato in half vertically (lengthwise)
  4. Slice each half vertically into six (or more) 2 cm pieces
  5. Spread the cut pieces out on a lined baking sheet with salt and olive oil *spacing is key
  6. Bake for 45 minutes (you can flip them half way if you choose)

If you’re anything like me, once you’ve had duck fat fries, there is nothing else that can compare. In step five, replace the olive oil with duck fat- you can find this in almost any grocery store in the baking aisle with the other oils. Duck fat makes the fries more crisp and savory without making them greasy or oily.

While the duck fat fries bake, you can start to prepare the garlic aioli. When it comes to aioli, I like a the tiniest bit of garlic with a hint of dill. Plus this recipe is super easy to make, you just mix all of the ingredients in a blender!

1 Egg yolk

1 Clove of fresh garlic ( I usually choose the tiniest clove)

1 Tbs. Lemon juice

1 tsp. Mustard or Dijon Mustard

1/2 c. Olive Oil

S & P to taste

Sprinkle fresh Dill

Blend all ingredients together until it forms a thick consistency and refrigerate to set. I like including this aioli recipe in my Sunday meal prep because it tastes amazing with Chicken too.

Level up and add an egg sunny side up- you’re welcome.

Are you going to give this recipe a try? I’d love to see your creation! Tag me on Instagram @_justalittlebrit

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