DIY: Cork and Mason Jar Projects

If you’ve checked out my Instagram @ivinealot , it’s no secret that I’m a wine lover. All kinds, I don’t discriminate. So, ‘what does someone who loves wine as much as myself do with all of those corks’ you ask? For the longest time, I wasn’t even saving them. In the past, I have saved a few corks from wines enjoyed during a special moment, but for the most part I would toss the cork once the wine was finished. I collected them for a short period of time in a mason jar, but the jar kept overflowing- trying to shame me for all of that hard work. Yes, hard work! In the month of March I drank twenty- eight bottles of wine from ten different countries for my series Drinking Around the World ! When I finished the series, the corks were too difficult to dispose of, because I learned a lot about each region and the wine it produces- it just didn’t seem right to “throw away” all of the knowledge I gained. That’s when I decided to get crafty!



There’s so many great ideas on Pinterest that I won’t take credit for. Some ideas included coasters and keychains, I loved the idea with tiny succulents! It wasn’t until I walked by a wine rack in Total Wine (shocking, I know) featuring ‘Love’ spelled out in corks- that I got the idea to make one of my own.

I gathered the small portion of corks I had been saving for a short while and some Elmer’s Wood Glue I had lying around the house. I decided to go for something a little more straight forward- ‘Wine’. I arranged all of the corks on the table exactly how I wanted them placed and I glued away.


What I love about this craft the most- is all of the mismatched colors of the different wines I drank in order to create it! The colors vary from light purple to deep red, each representing the authenticity of the wine it belonged to. Once I was finished gluing, I was nervous it would completely fall apart- but once it was dry my creation was free- standing! Today it lives on our bookshelf in the living room, all of my hard work drinking those wines should be displayed!


I’ve since upgraded my cork stash to a flower vase, so I don’t have to empty it as often. I mentioned I used to keep the corks I saved in a mason jar, who doesn’t have a bunch of those lying around?! I have SO many and in all sizes. I decided to scope out Pinterest once more for ideas. I loved the project my cousin made for her brother’s high school graduation party and wanted to create something similar. I found endless ideas with flowers and paint!

I decided to paint the inside of a large mason jar the color, ‘Mustard’ yellow- because yellow is my favorite color! This project was almost effortless, I added a flower I found at Hobby Lobby and consider it done!

While I love the way this simple mason jar is now a piece of decoration in the guest room- I still have SO many jars left and feel like multiples of this would be an overkill. So, I searched the internet again for ideas on how to incorporate them without it seeming like I have a thousand mason jars randomly placed throughout the house…

One small mason jar holds my makeup brushes and the other contains the first flowers Jon bought for me (almost three years ago)! They were yellow roses- because my favorite color is yellow! And I saved them, all this time. Now they are also on display in the guest room!

So now that I am about three mason jars deep into crafting, I only have like 997 more to go! Who else has some clever ideas for mason jars they would like to share? Please leave me some feedback and comment below! What do you like to do with mason jars?!

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Cork and Mason Jar Projects

  1. I love the mason jar with the PA pic, Maddie is buying a house in June and I think this would be a nice touch to her home!! Keep the ideas coming!!

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