Beer, Beer and More Beer.

You get a beer! You get a beer! You get a beer! Seriously, it seems like everywhere you look there are new micro-breweries popping up left and right! Breweries in ATX are not in short supply and I set out on a mission to visit as many as possible! These certainly are not all of the breweries in Austin, but they are my favorites. These are the breweries I’m excited to show friends and family when they come into town- and now I’m sharing them with you! Honestly, each of these breweries have a unique style which makes their tasting rooms well worth the visit! I also included a brief description of what to expect from each tasting room- this way you’ll know which brewery to pick based on your vibe for the day!



Blue Owl Brewing

I get ridiculed daily for my love of sour beers, either you love them or you hate them… and it seems like I’m the only one who loves them (my dad says they taste like dead groundhog- whatever that means). If you’re into sour beers, you must stop by Blue Owl to check out their tasting room and sample their wide variety of sours! My favorite is the red!


The Brewer’s Table

This place has been on my visit list for a while. I love their atmosphere and it is more enticing knowing they aren’t particularly as busy as most of the other breweries in Austin- you know how frustrating it can be to visit a tasting room and barely even have room to stand and sip your beer… (*cough, cough Friends and Allies*) that doesn’t make for a fun experience, especially if you plan to hang for the day with a group. I really like that this is not an issue to factor into your trip, they also have plenty of seating which is a plus. The food here looks amazing as well!


Live Oak

Located over by the airport, this brewery is tucked back behind the highway. They have some of the best tasting German beers. You can sit inside their spacious tasting room and play board games while you sip, or you can sit at picnic tables outside in thier beer garden! My favorite brew in Austin is hands down Live Oak Hefeweizen, although, I do recommend getting a flight and sampling their other tasty beers!



This tasting room is on the smaller side and can get very busy at peak times, but it is a super chill place to hang with your friends for a low key Friday night. Grab your group, a beer and a picnic table- what more do you need??? There are also some other options on the east side you can visit after, like- Prohibition Creamery, Zilker Brewing and Whistlers!




Austin Beer Garden Brewery is nestled in South Austin! With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, and many beers on tap- it makes for the perfect afternoon rain or shine! Be sure to order a pizza while you’re here!





Uncle Billy’s

Uncle Billy’s is an Austin staple. Its rustic decor inside and out will make you feel like you’re deep in the heart of Texas… on Barton Springs. Providing strong vibes on sunny days with their outdoor section, you’ll be waiting for brunch alllll week! They also have plenty of seating indoors if this Austin weather doesn’t cooperate. Y’all should try my favorite, their Pecan Porter!

St. Elmo

Y’all, St. Elmo is seriously my favorite brewery. Not- my favorite brewery in Austin, or even my favorite brewery in Texas. Seriously my favorite brewery of all time. I truly believe its all in the beer, their German style brews are the best I have tasted, my favorite is the Rosa! Their tasting room can get busy, they have a small indoor section with tables and games if you’re looking for a slow night inside, or, they have plenty of picnic tables outside underneath string lights and perfect for day drinking! Soursop food truck has some awesome burgers to check out while you’re there! Make sure to check their instagram for fun events like Grassy Thursdays!




This is a really great brewery to go to if you’re looking for a low- key night. Their tasting room is dimly lit, features some great local art work and the rustic charm of bourbon barrels used for aging as decoration. My favorite beer to get from Adelbert’s is The Naked Nun! You can play everything from board games, to ping pong and giant Jenga while you sip!



Oskar Blues

This is yet another brewery in North Austin and although it isn’t originally from here, this is an awesome place to check out! They have plenty of seating indoors as well as a huge deck outside, they even have live music where you can watch (or join) people two- stepping. My favorite is the Pinner! This brewery is just minutes from Adelberts, Circle Brewing, Celis, Black Star Co Op and many, many more! P.S. it’s super convenient to take the Cap Metro or the train!

Jester King

This is such a FUN brewery to hang out at picnic table with a bunch of friends for the  afternoon, the grounds are absolutely beautiful! They’re known for their sour beers, but have something for everyone- including wine! They also feature select beers from other breweries! Grab a picnic table outside or in the barn and some lunch from Stanley’s Farmhouse pizza and you’ll never want to leave! My favorite beer is the Figlet, brewed with Texas Figs smoked at Franklins BBQ! They also offer tours and goat yoga!



Last Stand

This brewery is tucked away in Dripping Springs along with a cidery and a distillery (fun, fun). Their back yard is perfect for relaxing and sipping a beer under the Texas sun… Example: see Jon. We had so much fun this day walking from location to location and trying out local brews and spirits!





Twisted X Brewing Co.

This brewery is truly a hidden gem. Located outside of Austin in Wimberly, TX- it’s worth the drive! Their tasting room is small on the inside, but perfect for sitting outside on a sunny day. This brewery is just a tiny little taste of everything you can imagine Texas to be, especially during football season- Hook ’em Horns! My favorite is the Gulf Kolsch!


Treaty Oak

This Brewery/ Distillery is the best of both world! Here you can enjoy various beers and spirits on their spacious ranch in Dripping Springs (I heard they are updating their brewery at the moment). Located close to Jester King (featured above) its the perfect spot to hit if you want to make a day of visiting breweries out in the Hill Country. Treaty Oak is PERFECT for a sunny day, they have outdoor games, a pavilion to keep cool AND some of the best food in their air conditioned “restaurant.” I recommend going here for a tour of the grounds and to learn more about their distilling process! (We did that for Jon’s birthday two years ago!)

Oasis Texas Brewery

To be honest, this brewery is my least favorite when it comes to drinking their beer (just trying to keep it honest with y’all!) BUT it is my favorite location! What I think the brewery lacks in beer, they certainly make up for with their view of Lake Travis. They occupy two floors at the Oasis, very spacious with plenty of seating and games.

Y’all, there are still SO MANY breweries in the area that I did not include on this list, to be honest, its overwhelming… I think The Austin Beer Guide did an EXCELLENT job of breaking down every brewery available in the Austin area as well as organizing it by location (my OCD thanks you). You can check out their website for more info! P.S. Who thinks I should try to visit all 184 Restaurants, Breweries and Brewpubs on their list?!

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