Cricut: Birthday Gift Edition

My love for crafting has turned into an OBSESSION. If you don’t have a Cricut, I highly recommend you get one! At first I thought the endless possibilities were completely overwhelming, but as I keep practicing new techniques- those overwhelming projects have seemed easier to create! The OCD in me LOVES the precision of the Cricut, my projects keep coming out better and better!

Recently, my younger sister turned the BIG TWENTY- ONE and I couldn’t help but gift her all of my favorite puns on customized drink ware. Since she lives across the country, I wasn’t physically able to help her celebrate, but this box of swag did not disappoint!!


I used a combination of Adhesive and Heat Transfer vinyl and scoured through discounted glassware to find blanks for my projects!


Shirt: “If you want to nail your 21st birthday (front) you’ve gotta get hammered (back)
Sash: Finally Twenty- One
Banner: Cheers to 21 Years 


Stemless Wine Glass: Name & Age
Stemless Champagne Glass: Sip Sip Hooray
Stemless Champagne Glass: POP Clink Fizz


High Ball Glass: Twenty Fun
High Ball Glass:
Drink Drank Drunk
Shot Glass
: First Legal Shot
Shot Glass
: RIP Fake ID


Wine Tumbler: Get Ready to Stumble
Coffee Mug: Hungover AF
Coozie: I’m not slurring I’m speaking in cursive

I mainly use my Cricut to cut Adhesive and Heat Transfer Vinyl and have just recently cut card stock. A majority of the projects I create are for myself, I have such a passion for DIY- but I absolutely love gifting my creations! What do you do with your project creations? Keep them, sell them, give them away? I’m curious to know what you’ve been making! Leave me a comment below!

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