Cricut: “How- to” Adhesive Vinyl

You’ll find on this blog, my hobbies are all over the place. I love travel and wine and books and crafting and so much more. For the most part, wine is the main content- but there’s just so many things I’m passionate about and would like to share!

One thing I love to make time for in my busy schedule, are DIY projects for myself and for friends with my Cricut Explore Air 2. I’ve posted a tutorial in the past working with Heat Transfer Vinyl, so it’s only necessary that I breakdown of my most recent project – stemless wine glasses personalized with Adhesive Vinyl!



It’s no secret that these “Yeti” cups are perfect for day drinking in the Texas sun- and now with the help of my Cricut, I can customize anything!

First, I created a design based off of a personalization request and sent it to the buyer for approval.


Once it was approved and we discussed vinyl colors, we decided to go with a permanent glossy white!




I put the Adhesive Vinyl on the cutting mat and made sure my cricut settings were not still on “iron- on” and that my settings on the app were not still “mirrored” from my last HTV project. Sit back and watch in amazement and how quickly and smoothly the cricut cuts the vinyl!


Next, it was time to “weed” the project and prep it for the cups. “Weeding” is just a term used to describe the act of peeling away the vinyl you are not going to use once your project is cut. This is how you transfer the cut vinyl to your base project. Above, I am using transfer tape after the weeding process to move the vinyl onto the cups!



I love that the Cricut transfer tape has grid lines, it’s super easy to make sure your permanent vinyl is lined up evenly across the base of the project! Above, you can see the transfer tape is ready to be removed to reveal the finished project!




Viola! The first stemless wine cup is ready to go! The great thing about making two of the same projects in a row, is the second always goes faster! It took me about an hour from the start of the design to the cutting and application on the first cup, the second one took me about fifteen minutes! You will start to realize the repetition of the steps when using the Cricut, which makes it so quick and easy!

The stemless cups were ordered by a friend, for a friend- and I have to say, working with small, thin, cursive fonts are not my favorite. But with a little bit of concentration and taking your time- they come out awesome!


Before I started taking orders for personalized items, I created a few things using blanks I already had lying around the house to get acquainted with the process. Some of the the things I have created are featured below; wine glasses, coffee mugs, Yeti Coozies, coffee tumblers and of course the stemless wine glasses. When you’re constantly on- the- go like I am, the hot & cold tumblers are a necessity AND the personalization make them fun! I’m telling you, the possibilities are endless and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what this machine can do!

Now that I’ve perfected my adhesive vinyl skills, I’ve started making gifts for friends! See Below: Cricut: Birthday Gift Edition  If you have anything you would like to order, have ideas you’d like to see come to fruition, or you’re just curious- leave me a comment!


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