Welcome to The Gmoney Experience, there’s something here for everyone! You’ll find travel tips, food and beverage recipes, reviews of my favorite wines and crafting ideas from my Cricut! Like many other twenty- something females- I enjoy traveling, indulging in good food and great wine in the company of my awesome girl gang. I found I was constantly sharing recommendations for recipes, travel plans and crafting ideas so I’ve decided to organize my ‘Type A’ thoughts through this blog! This is a space open to new ideas, comments and questions!




Fondue Pot Series: Spinach Artichoke Dip

I feel like- if there’s one fact everyone knows about me solely from social media, it’s that I’m obsessed with chocolate and cheese. Seriously, if I’m not posting about eating chocolate, I’m posting about eating cheese. One of my favorite gifts I have received is my Swiss ceramic fondue pot made for both chocolate and […]

Adding your own Personal Touch to Home Decor

Jon and I recently moved across the country (again) and this time it was during a pandemic. All things considered, the move went pretty well- but it definitely was not easy to adjust living in a new home and in a new city during “lockdown.” When we left Texas, we left a lot of the […]

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